Distrita’s aim to support all kinds of indie-game developers continues! Now we spread info about two Amiga game developers and distributors AmigaTec and AMIWorx. Helping them promoting for their products at one of worlds biggest game expo’s ever. Gamescom is held in Cologne, Germany from 17th of August until 21stContinue Reading

A totally new game is now out for classic Amiga! Blocky Skies is its name and I must say its got nice graphics, wow music and amazing gameplay. This is for sure a game that you won’t find on any other platform and therfore it goes into the same genreContinue Reading

Amiga Racer Grind Girl

Amiga Racer is at the moment getting more and more updates. Also many speaks positive about the game and have given the author lot’s of positive comments, so amigatec.com decided to make a nice video stund with a lady that can be found in the game for the fans andContinue Reading

Here, Distrita takes a look at the 3 best Emulators ever made for any platform. Here we count how much of the other platform is emulated and how easy it is to actually run something else. 1. UAE Platforms: MorphOS, AmigaOS 4, AROS, Dreamcast, Linux, Windows, OSX and Android UnixContinue Reading