If you live near the north polar circle, you might have noticed that the days are noticeable longer than just 1-2 months ago. This is because of the sun and earth positions in the universe. In the winter, the northern part of the world get’s almost nothing or no sunlightContinue Reading

Before the Internet we had BBS chat and before that we all wrote letters. It is time for our lifetime social experiments to be uncovered for the world as we know it today. You might think that social life on the net is all about Facebook and Twitter, but itContinue Reading

It is the gamer site Eurogamer, which reports that a PC version of the game, will be released within April next year. Grand Theft Auto V to PC have been wanted for many months now. People have even made petition on Change.org, which has now managed to gather nearly 600,000Continue Reading

  It’s been called by many the most beautiful natural attraction in Mexico, the Cascades de Agua Azul in the Blue Water Biosphere of southern Chiapas, just about 30 miles from Mexico’s famous archeological park at Palenque. The crystalline blue waters are colored, in simple terms, by the large amountContinue Reading


EUROPE: Distrita can report that Ryanair will launch itself on two new Greek airports, Kalamata and Zakynthos this year. They will deliver over 30,000 passengers and give  30 “on-site” jobs* at Kalamata and Zakynthos airports, with 4 weekly flights from April. Source: Ryanair.com