You might wonder what kinds of drugs our furry animal friends uses. We never recommend to use any drugs, but what about the animals? If you throw your cigarette on the ground, eventualy a bird, a musqitoe or an ant might get addicted to the cigarette. You never know! Krmt,…Continue Reading

The nature in our north pole and in our south pole is very different from the places where humans lives. These poles are in harsh cold temps both in summer and winter. In south pole, the Penguins are the main animals that stays there for whole winter and they areContinue Reading

Three year old Karina disappeared in the Siberian wilderness on 29th of July this year. The little girl walked by her father Rodin from the villages Olom in Olyokminsky district of the giant Sakha Republic far eastern Russia, writes The Siberian Times. See the YouTube clip here (article follows underContinue Reading

This is a video sent in by a reader of Distrita. I have to agree,.. It’s a cuddle cat with polite manners. This video have over 1 000 000 viewers already.. Too bad the cat doesn’t know its a star :) Watch it here: Source: YouTube

Is a whale (Monodon monoceros Narwhal-) but with a huge ivory horn, his appearance reminds us immediately to mythological unicorn, the horse with a horn, but this modern unicorn is real and is called narwhal. His horn of ivory and spiral form can grow to three meters and weigh 10Continue Reading


We want you go in weekend mode, and we help you with serving you some chilled movie clips with your favourite friends, the cats.