What a start of 2017! Slarti brings subtitling video ediditng capabilities to MorphOS. With this program, you add and can modify video subtitle files for films. Modifying video in an GUI friendly Enviroment This program was created to help making or modifying video subtitles. A subtitle file is contains theContinue Reading

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While we all wait for the Viva Amiga documentary to be released on 6th of January, here I reveal some Awesome Reasons for Using Amiga in 2016. These reasons are here to show you what areas AmigaOS shines at right now, compared to Windows, MacOSX and even the mobile operatingContinue Reading

Worlds first real app place needs your help! A lot of older freely distributable software is still missing from Aminet. Some of it is preserved nicely on Public Domain disks or CD compilations easily available on the web – but a lot of it is rotting away on private hardContinue Reading

If you don’t know. Apple started it’s journey on Motorola 68000 CPU’s, the same CPU which sits inside Atari and Amiga computers. Then they jumped from 68k to PowerPC and in the end MacOSX got released by Apple. They are known for manufacturing iMacs, MacMini, PowerMacs, iBooks (laptop) and PowerBooksContinue Reading

Aminet is a site containing Amiga files since the dawn of time. It is one of Internet’s oldest file archives, which holds many thousands of files. Its biggest focus today is all of Amiga systems. Here is an update for you: name: version: path: dls: size: arch: desc: 2014-08-17 dogma13.lhaContinue Reading

Amiga, Software: Since the beginning of computing time. Amiga had Aminet, which is one of worlds oldest file archives. Here is a small list of the updates that have come to the archive. Amiga is dead? No! Just look at this: 2014-06-16 ReportPlus-OS4.lha 6.9 util/misc 1124 575K Multipurpose utility – (readme) 2014-06-15Continue Reading

Welcome to this Sunday, when we roundup whats been uploaded to Aminet last week. The big file archive for AmigaOS, MorphOS and AROS operating systems. name: version: path: dls: size: arch: desc: 2014-06-08 Dell_SE_keymap.lha   driver/input 8 19K ISO8859-2/AmigaPL keymap f. Dell Laptop – (readme) WormWarsSP.lha 8.86.0 game/actio 3027 6K Worm WarsContinue Reading