Not many sites do modern articles regarding Amiga, but Distrita does it with dignity for you. Amiga was and is one of the strongest surviving platform ever created. With so many PC magazines writing “Amiga is Back again” and “Amiga is dead” it’s a pleasure to give you 10 ReasonsContinue Reading

For osx and windows people. The web surfing experience is as it should be. But for the Amiga scene, this is rather filled with deadzones. There are no Java support and there is limited of Flash support. However! The Amiga scene is giftet with many talented coders, that have givenContinue Reading

The MUI development team for AmigaOS is proud to announce release of version 4.0-2016R1 of the Magic User Interface for AmigaOS 4 and AmigaOS 68k. But this release is for Amiga machines with power. If you still uses a 68030 Amiga, then MUI 3.8 is still the fastest way toContinue Reading