Distrita’s aim to support all kinds of indie-game developers continues! Now we spread info about two Amiga game developers and distributors AmigaTec and AMIWorx. Helping them promoting for their products at one of worlds biggest game expo’s ever. Gamescom is held in Cologne, Germany from 17th of August until 21stContinue Reading

Worlds first real app place needs your help! A lot of older freely distributable software is still missing from Aminet. Some of it is preserved nicely on Public Domain disks or CD compilations easily available on the web – but a lot of it is rotting away on private hardContinue Reading

Now all of the Amiga operating systems got support for Google Drive thru this Google Drive Handler app which you can find on Aminet. This handler lets you set up a Google Disk on your AmigaOS 4.x desktop in the same way as you can in the AmigaOS 68k, MorphOSContinue Reading