You might not think of Poland as a warm country, but during the summer months from May to September the temperatures can reach 35C. But normal temps stays around 25C to 30C. Some summers are hotter than others, while rest of the year, the temperatures are quite mild in thisContinue Reading

The Slauerhoffbrug in Leeuwarden city is one of miracles of the construction-world. This is a tail bridge, which can quickly and efficiently be raised and lowered from one pylon (instead of hinges). This quickly allows water traffic to pass while only briefly stalling road traffic. So, when you are inContinue Reading

The newcomer makes Sony’s best console start sale ever in United States of America. Playstation 4 have sold 500 000 more consoles than Playstation 2 when it was released in North America. Amazing! Source:  

In 1991, a game called The Adventures Of Quik And Silva by New Bits got a soundtrack that was so mind-blowing in 1991 that even today in 2013, 22 years ago is still stunning. This track was made by Chris Hüelsbeck, which also made soundtrack for Giana Sisters (Commodore 64),Continue Reading

A tiny coke can sized dog

We know that lots of our viewers love animals! We will collect some of the cutest pets we have found on the web! Have a look at this cute little dog! It is near the size of a can of coke! Amazing, isn’t it?