Back in the early days of the computer game industry, the music, as well as everything else, had to be painstakingly programmed in by hand. Getting the music to sound anything like a real tune was hard enough, but getting the instruments to sound anywhere near authentic was almost impossible.Continue Reading

I remember when I first heard Soens debut back in 2012, and they impressed me with well-constructed songs and a talented vocalist. Ok, it was like hearing a modern Tool, but the swedes still had some unique individuality to their sound, and released an album packed with high-quality songs. FromContinue Reading

Depeche Mode

According to a report in the Spanish edition of Rolling Stone, Depeche Mode’s new single “Heaven” will be released on 25. January with an accompanying music video directed by longtime collaborator Anton Corbijn. And the 7. May their World Tour starts in Tel Aviv.