Airport authorities are obviously doing something right in Singapore. For the third consecutive year, the Changi International Airport has won the title of “Best Airport Worldwide” at the annual awards Skytrax World Airport Awards, which were announced on Wednesday in Paris The airport handles 5,000 arrivals and departures a weekContinue Reading

If you don’t know. Apple started it’s journey on Motorola 68000 CPU’s, the same CPU which sits inside Atari and Amiga computers. Then they jumped from 68k to PowerPC and in the end MacOSX got released by Apple. They are known for manufacturing iMacs, MacMini, PowerMacs, iBooks (laptop) and PowerBooksContinue Reading

New Tram in United Kingdom: Edinburgh has been without a tram system since 16 November 1956, but now Edinburgh got finally a new tram-connection in Scotland (northern part of UK). This wasn’t easy to get, but finally in 2008 politicians agreed on getting the tram back to Edinburgh. The connectionContinue Reading

An Emirates Airbus A380 has landed this afternoon in Barcelona, ​​for the first time in Spain, amid great expectations of media and fans, who wanted to capture with their cameras the arrival of the largest commercial aircraft the world. The aircraft has flown with 517 passengers on board, who haveContinue Reading

Newsmedia in Norway covering a new case about an airplane crashed just outside of the airport. Media got different information. One claiming that the airplane landed on the airport runaway, but didn’t get any grip on the track, so it slided off onto a highway just beside the airport. OtherContinue Reading