This is a totally new news program on television in the world. 7MIN will be on air everyday at 20.00, Oslo Time on TV Norden. This news program is unique as it is totally dependent on what you in the world have filmed. The 7MIN service will allow people toContinue Reading

Train wrecks

In the wake of the deadly Badrashin train crash Monday, which left 19 people dead and 117 injured, a Transportation Ministry report shows the country has experienced an average 550 train wrecks per year, including both serious and minor ones. The report, compiled by the ministry’s Transportation Safety Unit, saidContinue Reading

TOKYO: Japan Today reveals that the death toll from traffic accidents in Tokyo in 2012 was 183, the lowest figure since the end of World War II. The highest figure was 1,179 deaths in 1960. This is quite low numbers for a country with over 126 million citizens. Source: