About Amitopia In 1998, Amitopia was formed as a on-line paper magazine. It was created by Michal Bergseth, which is still a Amiga user even today, ever since 1988. At its peak, the magazine had over 100 subscribers. In the start Michal produced all of the copies at home byContinue Reading

Paste Pass by Stefan Kleinheinrichs is a password manager for MorphOS with encrypted database. The username and password entering a corresponding shortcut back. Newest Changes to Paste Pass All reported bugs removed Can be started as iconified thru Tooltypes settings Operation via keyboard (Cycle Chain and Control) Importing text filesContinue Reading

Linux Kernel 4.0 is now out for Sam440ep, Sam460ex and AmigaOne X1000 PowerPC motherboards. These are motherboards from Acube and A-EON and on these you can also run AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition. So, what does Linux Kernel 4.0 have? Improvements to Intel ‘Skylake’ platform Intel Quark SoC support PowerPC supportContinue Reading