If you have a MorphOS machine, then Titler is a must to have app for you who wants to create 3D titling and 3D object animations. For now the app is for free so grabb it. Check out our Titler Support page also which gives you info about how toContinue Reading

This year, Amiga celebrates 30 Years of Survival against all odds by the PC scene which have tried to get it buried. But did you know that Amiga could do 3D games also? Quake engine is to intense for the 68k CPU from Motorola, but there was several other gamesContinue Reading

1) The Fifth Element; 1997 with Milla Jovovich and Bruce Willis We at Distrita loves this sci-fi movie from A to Z. It got everything a sci-fi lover can ask for and even more. This is a movie that everyone will love from start to end. Luc Besson is aContinue Reading

This pencil of 3Doodler name, allows to write and draw three-dimensional and comprises molten plastic that solidifies upon contact with air. To use it no need to of auxiliary equipment or software, only electric power and a lot of imagination, say the creators of this device, WobbleWorks society, in Kickstarter.Continue Reading

For those who like the art in another dimension, here i bring into german Edgar Müller, considered as “one of the world’s top 3D illusionist street painters”, your work has made history at the Sarasota Chalk Festival in 2010. Next you will see some of his paintings in 3D whichContinue Reading