Sailfish X is now out for Sony XperiaX

Before time was time. There was Nokia N9 smarthpone with MeeGo. A phone, that could have saved Nokia. This smartphone was the only phone with MeeGo operating system from Nokia. The phone got a very nice design (similar to Nokia’s Windows phone mobiles) and is one of the mobile phonesContinue Reading

You have got the newest Samsung Galaxy phone. You love iPhone. You also experiment with trying Windows Mobile 8. What you might have forgotten is how brilliant a qwerty keyboard is and how essential it is. HTC Desire Z with Android is one of brilliant phones, that is ignored forContinue Reading

Samsung jumps 89 percent

Samsung Electronics reports impressive results for the fourth quarter of 2012, driven by a continued strong performance in the South Korean giant’s smartphone business. The operative income jumps an unbelievable 89 percent!

TOKYO: Japan Today reveals that the death toll from traffic accidents in Tokyo in 2012 was 183, the lowest figure since the end of World War II. The highest figure was 1,179 deaths in 1960. This is quite low numbers for a country with over 126 million citizens. Source:

Tigers, India (Photograph by  Steve Winter, National Geographic)   Flamingos, Mexico (Photograph by Klaus Nigge, National Geographic) Lightning, Iran(Photograph by AmirAli Sharifi, My Shot) Gray Wolf, Washington (Photograph by Mukul Soman, Your Shot) Church of Rodel, Outer Hebrides (Photograph by Jim Richardson, National Geographic) Crocodile, Australia (Photograph by Florian Haid,Continue Reading

Movie Year 2012

The movie year 2012 is almost finished and we in Distrita want to share some of our opions about it. It has obviously been many good and interesting movies, but also some dissapointing and boring movies. Here is our mini movie guide.

During a recent official visit to France, the head of the Andorran government Antoni Marti Petit, accompanied by President of the Andorran parliament Vicenç Mateu Zamora, confirmed plans to introduce a range of taxes in the principality in 2012.