HTC Rhyme is a Totally New purple designed phone

Check out HTC’s new HTC Rhyme smartphone, in purple! New color, but it looks really nice! The screen will be 3.7″. The resolution will become 480×800 pixels. The camera will be 5 megapixels and the Qualcomm chip will be MSM8255, it means 1Ghz processor. That means that HTC Rhyme will be similar to the specs that Today’s Desire S has got. Rhyme will have a new Sense version which is faster and uses less resources than earlier versions. Well, it could have had better specs, but please read further.

Great Acessories will be available for HTC Rhyme

Acessories will be “Charm”, a violet device that will blink when you recieve an incoming call and a combined speaker and charger rack. So I guess the 1 Ghz processor will work fine!

We think this is a HTC revolution. Finally they launch a beautiful device for both women and men! This isn’t just a boring phone like one of thousands… We wish HTC good luck and hope they will beat the Apple designers soon… Apple deserves to be beaten in every way. They are too big today and we are afraid that Apple control the market too much.

HTC Rhyme looks like a phone that is capable of shaking Apple a bit. HTC is one of the few mobile companies that is capable of doing so too. Their economy is strong and the name HTC is becoming a world wide name now. Apple might be the winner of mobile companies today, but HTC and all of the other Android phone manufactures out there. They are all keen on stealing market numbers from Apple.

The main problem for HTC is that Android is not all about HTC. This company is competing with Samsung, LG, BlackBerry, Motorola and also Sony. Android is like Windows on the desktop PC platform. It got too many choices. Most of the people are after brands and Android is battling with the brand image still. It will be interesting to see what will happen in the future though. Check out all of our mobile articles here.

Check out HTC Rhyme Unboxing below

Source: HTC mail to Distrita