HTC’s top model HTC one M8 has already come as an Android version, but now it comes as a Windows Phone version too. According to the testers, it feels as great as the Android version. But the testers are not completely happy with it! Why?

Well, the price is the same for both models. With Android, you get accesss to all apps, and all apps are throughly tested and reviewed. For Windows Phone, many apps still don’t exist, especially google apps like hangouts, gmail and youtube. But also other apps have limited functionality compared to Android. It’s really annoying. Personally, I have been using HTC phone 8x. It’s also annoying windows often like to reload open apps. Then I see 3 dots running from left to right, and it’s going on forever… It feels slow and unstable. This reminds me of the pc “apps” for Windows 8.1 as well. I always prefer the old desktop appliactions… For example Skype… One day and spent 1 hour configuring the new Skype for Windows 8.1 but it’s too fancy… Just showing black background, and text in circles, without ability to reply… or see webcam… It’s not working well at all!

Seems like Microsoft has a long way to go to make their operative systems as smooth and intuitive as we except…

Our advice: It’s an easy choice to buy the Android version of HTC One 8x. We like it’s design, the stereo speakers with beats sound and the size… A perfect phone! The Android version will make you happy, while the Windows version just will make you frustrated!