You have got the newest Samsung Galaxy phone. You love iPhone. You also experiment with trying Windows Mobile 8. What you might have forgotten is how brilliant a qwerty keyboard is and how essential it is. HTC Desire Z with Android is one of brilliant phones, that is ignored for some unknown reason here in Norway.

You want to write fast? Want to write a lot? Want to see whats going on the screen, at the same time as you write? Then HTC Desire Z is really one of the best qwerty devices, that I’ve been tested since Nokia’s brilliant E90 smartphone mobile. This phone is not on sale anymore in Norway since February 2012.. But I have to admit that newest Android, super fast CPU mobiles and brilliant touchscreens is great. But I always miss a qwerty keyboard on the new mobile phones here in Norway. Its so much brilliant!

Why is it so that Europe doesn’t get mobile phones with qwerty keyboards? Its nice to write on a Galaxy S or even on HTC Desire Z with the qwerty keyboard hidden. But in the end, my fingers at least becomes quite numb. In the end I feel like I don’t want to write anymore even if I have to. Also, the ability to see the whole screen and whats on it without a touchscreen keyboard popping up and divides the screen in half sort of.

HTC Desire Z is really a masterpiece! Even with its 800MHz cpu, it feels faster than Samsung Galaxy S which is from the same time of launch. I also think that Samsung needs to learn from HTC, and HTC needs to learn from itself! I see people buying expensive Bluetooth qwerty keyboards which drains the battery life for their iPhones and Android devices without physical keyboard. There should be more qwerty mobiles on sale today. Now, when I walk into a mobile phone store. They simply are out of qwerty mobiles, and that’s sad. Because touch is not all. Its nice for some, but for others. A phone with qwerty keyboard is a must thing to have.