We have loved HTC for years. But the newest HTC, HTC 10, delivers not a copy of the last year with just some few improvements. We like that they dare to think completely new. They understand that they must stand out from the competitors to recieve the success over and over again! And the HTC 10 isn’t brilliant in just one thing, but in several important issues! We have checked out the new HTC 10 carefully for you! Is HTC 10 the revolutionizer of sound, battery and camera?

Packing out the HTC10

Our first impression is Wow! It looks beautiful! And the build quality seems still very promising. It doesn’t look cheap plastic at all! It consists of aluminium all the way. The design looks great and even if we had some accidents and it felt into the ground, nothing happen. We can’t actually see any scratch at all! It handles drops much better than e.g. it’s closest rival Samsung Galaxy S7.

Let’s talk some specs

The SnapDragon 820 processor will not dissapoint you! We have tested it and it runs smoothly even if we play heavily with it or give it big challenges.  It gives you all the power you need. It is the horse, the lion or tiger, no matter what you have planned to do with your mobile phone. You don’t need to close the apps all the time.

The review: HTC10

The speaker is louder than the previous model HTC One M9. BoomSound is nothing new in the HTC phones, but it is still a cool feature. Having two speakers instead of one makes the sound so much clearer and you want to listen to it while you’re out of the office! No headphones needed! I think it is the only company that has understood the meaning of good sound in the integrated speakers!

HTC loves music:
The music phone: HTC’s 10 is the first Android phone with Apple AirPlay streaming. It means that HTC loves music!

The selfie phone
If you like to take really good selfies, you should look no further. The HTC10 has an integrated image stabiliser that avoid you from shaking, and you get much better photos.

HTC 10 – the revolutionizer of sound, battery and camera?
It is also handy to have the reversable charging point thanks to the USB-C port that also charges much faster than your old phone.

Is HTC 10 the revolutionizer of sound, battery and camera?

Less garbage installed

We also like that HTC has not installed lots of unnecessary software for you. It comes much cleaner than it’s competitors. That means you have more space left to install your own favorite apps. We also like that it support mini SD card for storage of all your stuff! This isn’t so normal any longer.

The cons of HTC10

If you liked everything you read earlier in this article, we must admit that you should read the rest. Because unfortunately there is still no phone that is completely perfect.

HTC doesn’t support wireless charging

If you already owned one of Nokia’s top models like Lumia 920, you could enjoy the wireless charging. This has even become a new feature in Samsung’s newest phones, like Galaxy S. But not in the HTC10. Here you still must connect it to a charger. But at least you find the charging port a bit faster when it doesn’t matter which way you need to plug it in… It isn’t water and dust resistant neither. So if you plan to swim with it or if you are tired of cleaning it regularly, it could mean you should look for another phone.

Help! No quick camera access or micro USB port

There is no quick access button for taking a super fast photo. That means you may be too late to take your favorite photo when you’re in a hurry. This is maybe the most shocking news: It doesn’t have any micro USB port, which means you can’t borrow the cable from your colleague when you’re at work. You need to bring your own cable all the time, because nobody can help you!

The HTC 10 : Big jump forward from the HTC M9, and maybe the best all around smartphone of 2016?






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