A different working culture: While French workers only work half of the time, have a long lunch break and drink wine in the break, Taiwanese workers are not having any break at all. How yellow is the urine of the Taiwanese workers?

How yellow is the urine of the Taiwanese workers? How is the working culture in Taiwan? And how it is a Taiwan job compared to the rest of the world.

While Americans have lots of meetings, and are social during a working day, a Taiwanese worker sits in the office every day typing for more than 12 hours! It’s all about how they respect their work! Taiwanese people are very lojal to their work, and they want to give a good impression. Since everybody has this attitude, it means your boss will be expect A LOT from you!

How yellow is the urine of the Taiwanese workers?

It’s not normal to leave the job just because you have finished your work: There is always more work to do! The pressure is high! The jobs are very tough! And it’s a shame to leave the work before anyone else! That means long working days! The managers will love you if you concentrate so much to your work that you forget to eat or drink anything during your working day. That’s why the bosses may ask to see your urine color! If you have a very yellow urine color, it proves that you haven’t drunk much! And that means high working moral! Amazing? Isn’t it! I’m sure the color of the Taiwanese is ultra yellow!

Norwegian workers are opposite of the Taiwanese workers:
While the Taiwanese people are working almost all the hours they don’t sleep, Norwegian workers have a 37.5 hour working week. If you work more than 7.5 hours a day, you get 50% or 100% extra per hour, and most workers protect their privacy. That means they are seldom longer on the office than necessary. On Friday, many workers finish a bit earlier, maybe 1am or 2am, to get a longer weekend. And many workers even shorten their week and have a “long weekend” off from Thursday to Monday… And if the boss wants to celebrate something with the staff, he orders the “Friday cake” for Wednesday to assure that everybody is at office! Because Friday is almost empty, no workers left! Normal working hours are 8am to 4pm, but most workers have a flexiplan, and are free to start working earlier or later if they want that. You will always get paid for everything you do, and extra if you have to work more.

No long lunch break
The lunch break is normally 30 minutes, and Norwegian lunch is normally bread and cold food, although the tradition is seeming to change a little, with more and more internal cantinas serving warm lunch as well. The Norwegian salaries are quite good. If you work in the service industry, like a cafe or a supermarket, it’s normal making from 130 kroner per hour (15 euros per hour/17 usd per hour) or more. Other jobs have of course much better salaries, often double or triple of that. And it’s quite easy to find a job!

Norway is an attractive job country for Swedish and Foreign people
That’s one of the reasons why 80% of the Norwegian service industry is served by Swedish people. You will find lots of Swedish nurses in Norwegian hospitals, Swedish waitresses in Norwegian restaurants and cafes and Swedish employees in Norwegian stores and supermarkets. The Swedish people are everywhere! Norwegians have no problem to understand Swedish, the two languages are quite similar. The Norwegian salaries are much higher than salaries in Sweden, in addition it’s easier to get a job!

International workers in Norway.
With the crisis in many European countries, also lots of Polish, Eastern European, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese people are coming to Norway and apply for jobs.

Spanish job culture with a long Siesta break
On the other hand, in Spain, working hours are more, but unfortunately the efficiency is maybe not always at the top! It’s normal to start working hours around 9am or 10am. And they work until 1pm or 2pm. Then the Spanish workers take a long “Siesta”. That means a long break of 3-4 hours… In the break it’s quite normal to be social, to have lunch with friends or family, and even have a glass of wine or two. After the long break, nobody wants to return to the office, but they do… But they are not very effective after the wine glasses and all the food! Then they work slower, and not as effective, and will work until around 10pm… Then they often go out for dinner very late.

How yellow is the urine of the Taiwanese workers?

Funny video from Taiwain Trivia
The video about Taiwan work really wants to examine how the working culture in Taiwan really is, and how it is compared to the rest of the world. “Taiwan Trivia” gets right to the point with self-deprecating humour. The grassroots spirit of Taiwan’s everyday life is revealed through each episode, shedding light on issues that matter to the world in a Taiwanese context.

Season 1 will be released monthly in 2015. Episodes are narrated in English, currently with subtitles in: French, English, Japanese and Mandarin. More languages will added in future episodes.

Taiwain Trivia delivers funny videos every week, and you can find them all on youtube!

Did you know…? Taiwanese working culture appreciate old people! Always include a senior executive in meetings. Business relationships are based on respect.
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