If you use Windows and want to share your Internet connection with other computers, it’s not an easy process to set up Windows! Actually, it’s much easier to just download a software that does the router job for you!

We have bought 3 homeplugs, and connected one of them to our routers. The other 2 are connected directly to different computers in our apartment, in different rooms with low signal quality! That’s why it’s easier for us to use cabled Internet. We also want to share the internet with other devices in our rooms, like my mobile phones and tablets…

Using a homeplug is faster, safer and more stable than a router or wifi connection. You get the same speed!

We downloaded first mHotspot, but it would never do the ICS part for us (Internet connection sharing). We even followed their instructions, but still not working, not even after restart! So we installed Connectify, it worked like a charm, immediately. Just 4 very easy steps and it was installed! But they have begun charging for their software. I just have a 2 day trial version. I’m not interested to pay for sharing my Internet connection, so I will install Virtual Router instead. It’s a free software, and I prefer to donate some money to them rather than paying 12 usd to Connectify for their Connectify Pro version. And that price, 12 usd, is just for the license for ONE computer…