Swinoujscie Center in PolandThere is a paradise in the northern part of Germany and Poland. It consists of many small German villages and a beautiful Polish city. They are all located at a island called Uznam, which Germany and Poland shares together. All of the cities are also connected by a beach connecting them all and they all share the less salty Baltic sea.

Go by Bus

Line: 148 from Alexander Platz in Berlin to Heringsdorf
Cost: 11,- EURO one way. Book at meinfernbus.de
Timetable: From Berlin Everyday at 14.55 (2.55pm). Reaches Heringsdorf at 19.10 (7.10pm): 4 Hours

Info: You can order seat from their site. From Heringsdorf in Germany to Swinoujscie in Poland, you must take a local train. This one takes only 9 minutes from Heringsdorf to Swinoujscie. The price for this one is at around 8,- EURO. Please visit www.ubb-online.com for more information.

You can take the same bus back again at 14.55 everyday.

What can you expect from a Uznam vacation?

In this area you can relax on the long and white sandy beach. You can eat lots of nice meals at local restaurants. You can get sporty by biking between the cities and do a lot more. We will Return with more Uznam related travel tips in the next days.

Other ways to reach Uznam

You can also take the German national railway to Züssow and then take UBB Bahn (private) to Heringsdorf, Ahlbeck and even all the way to Swinoujsce center. But this article is only related to the bus connection.


Beach in Swinoujscie Poland