What are you looking for when choosing an operating system? Is it speed, compatibility or best gaming experience? Is it the factor of icons, easy to use or do you need text based system for your needs? Distrita tries to choose the right operating system for you and your needs. Yes, there are differences and this article is aiming at end-users with tiny knowledge of what an mouse and keyboard is.

There are these two main giants in the OS battle, that always gets attention in the media. Windows and MacOSX is their names. These two have worlds biggest userbase with Windows as the leading one when it comes to userbase. Microsoft have had a ride of a lifetime when it comes to promote people across the globe. There is no one else near and even if media tries to trick you into thinking that iPhone and iPad are so big, we at Distrita can reveal that this is only hyped up. Now this article is about what to choose and not history of computing…

Choosing the right operating system for your needs must be done within your mind and will. The operating system should be fun to use, with few obstacles. It should be an operating system that you feel comfortable using at all times. It should be one that makes your exactly expectations of what an operating system should do. This depends on if you like icons, shortcodes or text based OS’s. You should choose out of what you like and not what other uses. Use the one that makes you smile and love it, not hate it. Soo, do not use Windows or MacOSX if you really dont like them. If you like them but not too much, you can combine them with alternative OS’s. Use Windows or MacOSX at work and AROS, AmigaOS4, MorphOS or Haiku at home or use Linux on every machine. If you use Windows or MacOSX because you have to and dont care about others, you shouldn’t complain about them. If you do, try some new OS. It doesnt hurt and it increases your knowledge of your computer.

So, where is this heading to? Dont just try Windows or MacOSX! If you really want to try alternative OS’s, then do it. For yourself and also for saving others hard work to try to make alternative OS’s. I really don’t mind if you like Windows or MacOSX, its just that if your will is to choose some other operating system. Do it! Doesn’t hurt at all.