lifestyle_leakedpicturesgreyHave you ever seen the news on the net about Jennifer Laurence (The Hunger Games acting star) and other celebrities that have got their nude pictures stolen, because they have been on cloud storage here and there? Distrita guides you in the right direction, because after reading this featured article, you should understand how Internet works before posting them on-line. This goes for all sorts of storage’s on-line, either its social, storage or your web-space on-line.

The Net stole My Naked Truth?
You should have known by now, that anything you put on-line can be seen either you are known or not. Putting nude pictures on-line on any place, means that you have opened yourself to the world and how the world behaves towards you is unpredictable. You never know what sort of persons sits on the other side and you don’t know what she or he is doing with your pictures. The net is so unpredictable, because the net is made by hundreds of coders and these people knows exactly what to do if they want to find any information about you. They can get any pictures that you have stored on-line transfered to them. This is the reality and anyone putting nude pictures or any other important stuff on social media, your own website or at any on-line storage places like Google Drive, needs to think before doing so. Your pictures will either be scanned by the owners of social media sites or hackers out there! The net started up as a free open highway with information, which have turned to what we all have today. Yes, the net today is WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). It is so open that when you goto Bing, Google or to any other search engines. You put your information into their databases (its called Cookies). They know exactly where you go and what you are looking for… which then again gives them Money, because their advert systems follows what you like! So you get the adverts related to what you like! The net is not a secure place at all, but you can make it more safe by doing small but important steps to protect yourself.

Where is my Personal Pictures when they are on the net?
Anything that you put on social sites like LiveJournal, Twitter or Facebook can be seen by others. Not just your friends, but others having other thoughts also! Here you should really know and understand what it means to put a nude picture of yourself. This goes to both ladies and men. You really don’t know who the other one out there is. Some just don’t care about copyrights, but only care about spreading what they manage to hack into. It’s a sport, hobby or even paid jobs. So the most important thing here is to keep personal pictures on your own computer in a much more safe way than just have your operating system on without any passwords on for example. Hackers with enough knowledge can break into any computer connected to the net. To be sure that your nude pictures or any other important documents is safe, you need them to be heavy protected by passwords that are really hard to hack or even make hard encryption if you know how to.

When it comes to the storage on-line services. These are safe, but it is safer to have it on your computer. Google Drive or even DropBox are said to be safe, but they are still on-line. When you move your nude pictures or even important text documents to on-line services, I would never ever be 100% sure if it is 100% safe there. Also, if their services goes down or they are bankrupt, then your files is lost forever. So, keep your most important data on your own storage media. Either on your local HD or on a memcard or a mempen. This is way safer!

My other Pictures and Documents
When it comes to other pictures, you should be aware also. If you want them to be yours, try to get a program like PixelMator for Mac, TVPaint for Amiga or Paint.Net for Windows where you can put copyright info onto the pictures or the picture files. This helps you to be able to fight against hackers or even legal sites that uses your picture because they found it in Google’s picture search engine.

Remember also that pictures which you don’t mind that others is watching, can be taken and used without your permission. On the net, you must be prepared that others will use them if it is in good enough quality and there is no copyright or credit noted anyplace. Most companies does not even ask or even try to find out who the designer of the picture is. Small web-designer companies are known to do this! So, be sure to make some sort of signature on your pictures, or you can risk that others can get paid for a work that you did and not them. If you are fine with that others can use your pictures or images, then it is ok. But anyone out there should know that you who created it is the maker and it is you which should decide if it can be used by others or not.

So, a big Distrita arm is going towards Jennifer which have got her naked pictures stolen from a on-line storage place. I will never post pictures on Distrita without asking first. You should have protected your private pictures better, or did you do this on purpose? In any form of beauty, we all at Distrita loves the person that you are Jennifer. Either you are naked or not, you are a talented actor and we wish you a bright future. There are many other celebrities that have got hacked also in this big news event. Even if this is a bit dirty or even a bit unpleasant. You make me and others smile either you are naked or not. Be proud of yourself. We are proud of you,… and we hope that you and other celebrities understands the way Internet is. Because its a wild spider that will catch anything that goes into the net. Think before act! Now that’s the conclusion.