HTC introduced its new One smartphone in New York some weeks ago, and we were impressed. The phone boasts a 4.7-inch screen and a redesigned camera that can take sharper images. Not the phone is finally out, and the time is here to check out how the Ultra Pixel Camera really works! Is it as good as HTC said?

HTC is wringing its hands of the megapixel race. While other manufacturers push toward 13-megapixels and more, HTC has instead introduced something it calls UltraPixels—a quirky marketing term meant to highlight the One’s camera sensor. So is it better than what’s already out there?

One of our partners recieved HTC One on Saturday morning and it hasn’t left their sight yet.

We’ve already delivered posts covering the device, including a comparison gallery, a camera demo, a Sense 5 demo and, of course, our unboxing. Plenty of additional clips are on the way — but we wanted to sit down and spell out our first impressions of HTC’s latest flagship for you ahead of our final review (which you can expect later this week).

We don’t carry around point-and-shoot cameras anymore because we have smartphones in our pockets. But it’s not good enough for companies to merely attach cameras as afterthought technology; consumers today demand their devices take the highest quality images possible. And we’ve seen huge improvements on that front over the past several months. Somewhere along the line, though, the megapixel war became like every other aspect of today’s market: more automatically means better. That’s not necessarily the case with smartphone cameras, especially when they’re stuffed into such small spaces. HTC is the first company to decide it’s had enough, and has instead designed something it’s marketing as UltraPixels in the HTC One.

They compared it with Nokia Lumia 920. The quality definitely varies between the cameras as you can plainly see. HTC is betting big on the One’s camera, meaning it’ll be compared widely to many of the devices we tested. Unfortunately, an update bricked our Lumia 920, so we weren’t able to address that just yet—hopefully we can down the road. For now, take a peek at the comparison shots above, and declare your own winner. Smartphone cameras are hugely important in this day and age, and quality matters. Do HTC’s UltraPixels win out?