Nokia’s flagship Lumia 920 is heavy (185 gram), but you get a great Windows Mobile phone and the best mobile camera on the market, both in one device. Let us check if the video quality is that good as Nokia claims?!

The guy that has played with Lumia 920 is the director Anders Oevergaard. He is not just anyone, he has won the prestigious Amanado award for best children’s mobie.

To find out what the phone is good for, Oevergaard has used it to film a live performance of the musicians Benjamin Dante, Mads von Froberg and Jonas Jarlkov, in a room with low light.

There is also no question of unedited material. The sound is recorded with external microphones, contrast and color is something after editing and is used called a Steadicam (handheld camera tripod with stabilizer) for optimum shooting.

And the result? It is pretty good! Check it out yourself! Be sure to check out the quality is set to HD before you begin watching! Enjoy!

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