You need a FM radio with AM possibility. Most of the FM radios does have. So switch it for be able to search for AM radio channels. Radio208 is broadcasting from Copenhagen, Denmark 24 hours on 1440 kHz AM ! 

We love that the Danish capital is taking this radio transmitting kHz seriouselly. 

No ‘nicer’ pop music available on Radio208

This radio station transmits music that lots of people like such as Jimi Hendrix, ZZ Top, The Doors, Sex Pistols, Moody Blues, Talking Heads, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, and The Clash as well as Danish names such as Alrune Rod, Skousen & Ingemann, Kliché, Lost Kids, Povl Dissing and Steppeulvene.

These artists are some of the artists you can hear on the AM radio station, Radio208. In other words, music from the 1970s and surrounding areas, or more precisely from 1964 to 1984 is what you can expect to listen to. Most of the slightly ‘nicer’ pop music is peeled off from this radio, so there is first and foremost popular rock, beat and ‘hippie’ music on Radio208.

Please -Kill that DAB+ mania- in Norway

Why listen to FM radio stations when you can hear AM ones instead? Here in Norway, everyone needs a DAB+ radio now for listening. But if you are lazy or just don’t want to support DAB+. Then tune in to Radio208 and support them. Tell them that Distrita wrote about them too if you want. Now that would make us happy.

DAB+ is much worse than the other solutions… It got worse sound and in tunnels, it is hard to get radio stations to work. The antennas are much more sensitive. With FM at least you can hear much more and the sound quality is top. Only local radio stations in Norway are allowed to broadcast on the remaining FM frequencies. Help us… and thanks to Radio208 for doing that. Support them now!

Read Much more about Radio208! The very first AM radio from Copenhagen, Denmark in a very long time!

Check out for more info about this AM radio station!