New York is an amazing city! Did you know this is the best time of the year to plan next trip to New York? Many of the airlines have their upcoming winter campaign these days! Our advice: Go to New York in January! Well the climate is maybe not the best! It may be snow, and it may be really cold! But it’s good for saving money! While “everybody” goes there in December for celebrating Christmas and New Years Eve, you will have full value of your money in January. Of course, the beatiful Christmas decoration is removed. But still New York is New York, a beautiful city that never sleeps. With the urban feeling no other city can give you! Series like Seinfeld, Friends and Sex and the city have made the city even more trendy and interesting!

The chains may have special offers!

Have a look at the websites of the big hotel chains like Sheraton, Clarion, Comfort, Best Western, Mariott and Hilton. They could have super saving offers in January!

What can you do for free in New York? And how can you have a budget holiday in New York? Check out this video!



Some of the cheapest hotels

Hotel99: Welcome to Hotel 99 on New York’s Upper West Side Extended stay hotel in Manhattan for budget travelers. Rooms from 79 USD if you book early in advance!

We found a very trendy hotel, named Dream Hotel that just opened for 100 usd a night. This is a new hotel and probably the prices will increase after a while, unfortunately.

Wolcott Hotel From 130 USD per night! Close to the Empire state building!

Larchmont Hotelis also worth to check out! It costs from 110 USD, also here you have to book early, as the early bird offers are going fast!

It is also worth to check out Michelangelo Hotel. It seems like many of the best hotels could be on supersale just after New Year.

Book a secret hotel, and save money!

You can also try out Hotwire. There you book a secret. You don’t know the name of the hotel, but you will know the location and the number of stars. If the hotel is in Central Park area, and at least 3 stars, you gonna be just fine.

Remember that New York has unsafe areas too. Don’t book hotels where stars are below 3. They are often in dangerous areas of the city.

Luxurious hotels in New York

If you want to find an exclusive hotel in New York and stay like a king or princess, have a look here:

The Virtuoso collection of the finest luxury hotels in New York with Exclusive Benefits.

If you have recommendations to other hotels in New York, please let us know and we will update this article!