Hot dog day in Chicago: The Oscar Mayer Wiener Cars are a well-known sight in the United States, and drive around to promote the company’s sausages. Now sausage enthusiasts can book an overnight stay in one of the giant sausages on wheels via Airbnb. If you’ve been looking for a pretty interesting Airbnb to rent in Chicagoland, then this one definitely tops the list.

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The Wiener Rover is a remote controlled hot dog truck that can deliver your wiener anywhere, on or off the tarmac, according to

 27 foot hot dog wagon for rental

Oscar Mayer is renting out one of its six 27-foot-long Wienermobiles — yes, the vehicle that’s shaped like a giant hot dog — via Airbnb, the meat maker said this week. Beginning July 24, wannabe hot doggers can request a one-night stay in the Wienermobile, which will be parked in Chicago, on Aug. 1, 2 or 3. We’re betting the reservations will disappear quicker than hot dogs when Joey Chestnut is in the room, but if you want to try, bookmark and give it a try on the 24th. A stay is $136 per night, according to CNET.

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Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is now an Airbnb lodging option in Chicago

Eat hot dogs and live in a hot dog – unique Hot Dog Day Special

“For one night only, you can have the opportunity to eat hot dogs, dream of hot dogs, and yes, live in a hot dog,” the listing continues, clarifying that, “no, you’re not having hunger-induced visions — this is real!”

The company announced the frank hotel on Wednesday, which was National Hot Dog Day, according to NYPost.

The interior is hot dog-themed of course.

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Very limited opportunity to stay in Mayer’s hot dog wagon

But don’t start packing an overnight bag yet: the Wienermobile will only be available for August 1, 2, or 3, and each guest is limited to one night inside that iconic fiberglass casing. Although the exact location hasn’t been released, the Wienermobile will be parked somewhere near downtown Chicago, because as NBC Chicago points out, its Airbnb-ability coincides with the annual Lollapalooza festival. And yes, the Weinermobile will remain parked all weekend. You’re not getting a ride, even if you’ve been meatbelted in all morning, according to Oscar Mayer first rolled out its Wienermobile in 1936, and there are currently six of them on the road. This is the first time the company is selling overnight stays aboard the iconic vehicle.

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How to celebrate Hot Dog Day?

The best way is to serve yourself up a great meal with hot dogs! Our personal favorite is the old classic, home-made mac and cheese served with slices of hot dog in it. We also really enjoy hot dogs in our chili, that’s if we don’t have a bun to make a classic chili dog. Get all your friends together in your backyard and encourage them to bring their favorite frankfurters and condiments. Share stories of your first hot-dog, and all the memories you have around this classic summertime treat. There’s something about a hot dog with the slight char that comes from being grilled that always has us waiting for Hot Dog Day

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Oscar Mayer Paying College Grads To Drive Cross-Country In The ‘Wienermobile’

Oscar Mayer chooses 12 “hotdoggers” each year to get behind the wheel of its 27-foot hot dog “Wienermobile” and act as brand ambassadors throughout the country.

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