It’s been called by many the most beautiful natural attraction in Mexico. The Cascades de Agua Azul in the Blue Water Biosphere of southern Chiapas, just about 30 miles from Mexico’s famous archeological park at Palenque is worthy to be mentioned for anyone wanting to visit a hidden spot.

The natural beauty of these waterfalls is awe-inspiring for the mind and soul of all ages. With more than 30 individual falls all tumbling into a turquoise blue river that flows through an amazing gorge is a sight not to forget to visit.

Cascades de Agua Azul waterfalls in Mexico
Cascades de Agua Azul

Cascades de Agua Azul in Mexico Revealed

The name Agua Azul comes from the reflection of light on the waterfall’s deep blue waters which are fed by mineral-rich subterranean springs located high in the mountains.

Nearby the Cascades, there is a water park that allows you to swim in pools of these natural waters. The Cascadas are located deep within lush jungle terrain and one can enjoy looking at incredible butterflies or seeing howler monkeys on their treks through this amazing ecosystem in Mexico.

There are even some caves nearby with ancient Maya drawings worth exploring as well!

One can also visit an artisan’s market where local Mayan women sell food items like tamales stuffed with iguana (quite tasty) along with other unique souvenirs. A trip here will for sure be filled with adventure. This is a place beyond your imagination and lots of fun for everyone – including your kids!

Agua Azuls Mexico Cascades Biosphere Palenque Caves

The amazing Agua Azul Mexico Cascades Biosphere Palenque Caves is really a hidden natural gem. I am from Mexico and I can prove that this is a place Mexicans love to visit.

The Cascadas de Agua Azul also known as the Mexico Waterfalls consists of 5 blue waterfalls that form deep pools where visitors can swim or just relax on top of rocks which are perfect for sunbathing. As these cascading waterways flow into hotter climates they become more transparent as to their temperature rises.

Cascades de Agua Azul

Discovered during the Spanish Conquest

This Mexican cascade was formed thousands of years ago by volcanic activity from nearby volcano Santa Ana whose ash flows created this beautiful site before it eventually became extinct.

These magical rivers were first discovered during the Spanish Conquest; however, their beauty wasn’t made public until the late 19th century when a British botanist and photographer named Clements R. Markham visited this area with his friend Edward Whymper, the first person to successfully climb Cite du Dome in Switzerland.

It was not long after these two explorers revealed their discovery that Mexico Waterfalls became one of the most popular natural attractions in Latin America and in 1959 it eventually became officially protected by Mexican law thanks to its outstanding beauty.

There are several companies who offer transportation

From Cancun, Tulum, or Playa del Carmen which takes between 20 minutes to an hour depending on where you depart from. There is also another option for transportation which can be done by public bus or collective truck from Cancun to the village of Tumbala, either way, it takes only about 45 minutes.

Once you arrive in Palenque Caves, there are two main trails to follow; one that is shorter and more challenging with an approximate time of 40 minutes while another longer trail is farther along but easier for those who don’t want to hike as much (approximately 30 minutes).

So when is the best time of the year to visit Cascades de Agua Azul?

The best months to visit these natural wonders are between November and April during the dry season when weather conditions are optimal.

As always, do make sure to consult local Mexicans before planning your trip since rain patterns vary across different regions. Also, remember to carefully bring valuables with you here since this area has been known for robberies and pickpocketing. Just so you are aware of it.

Agua Azul Cascades area in Mexico is a must-visit for anyone who wants to leave the busy city life behind and enjoy some time out in nature!

Conclusion to this Hidden Spot in Mexico

The area is as described an amazing biosphere with one of the most interesting cave systems in the world. They are all located in Chiapas, Mexico as you can see on the map above.

The Cascadas de Agua Azul (Mexico Waterfalls) consists of five blue waterfalls that form deep pools where visitors can swim or just relax on top of rocks which are perfect for sunbathing. This Mexican cascade was formed thousands of years ago and invites everyone loving to visit hidden spots in Mexico.

What do you think of these waterfalls, caves, and blue water?