What can you do during this pandemic times? In many cities it is hard to go outside because of the Wuhan virus pandemic. So, Why not re-watch some of the most awesome sci-fi series named Heroes that was aired back in 2006 when LOST popularity also was at its peak just before the streaming services started up. The pandemic has slowed television production to its minimum, which means we’ll all getting fewer new shows in 2020.

I want you to maybe give this sci-fi series a second chance. At least the first season of Heroes should be seen. It’s now way underrated but back in 2006 it took the world by storm. I just wish that the other seasons also delivered. But they didn’t.

Heroes Deserves a Second Broadcast

To understand the sci-fi genres back in 2006, you have to understand where television was at its peak that year. The remarkable popularity of LOST in 2006 meant that the television networks all fighted for showing the next big high-concept series, sold on an irresistible one-line premise. The LOST series was a sci-fi “Plane crashes on a mysterious island” that deserved to have a good ending, but ended up having one of the worst endings in history? So then Heroes came and sort of saved 2006 from being a disaster year!

Heroes is a science fiction show about normal people who learns and evolves their knowledge for having superpowers. There was a mind-reading policeman, a really sexy regenerating cheerleader, an awesome time-travelling office worker, a webcam model with superstrength and a potential congressman who could fly. Together, they slowly formed an alliance in order to complete their simple mission: “Save the world from a head demolishing character and save the world.”

People’s Choice award winner

Within millions of people worldwide, Heroes was breathlessly received everywhere. It was nominated for Golden Globes. It won a People’s Choice award. Its cast was listed in Time magazine’s Person of the Year issue. This hype took this sci-fi production to new hights. Heroes actually made the sci-fi genre all in all rise as normal people began to like the genre too because of Heroes.

The first few episodes of Heroes managed to introduce conspiracy theories, shadowy companies, apocalyptic visions of the near future and a billboard-ready tagline. All that, plus it managed to revive the entire superhero genre from its pre-Marvel slump. It was a sci-fi kick like no other. It delivered so much more heat and interesting scenes than LOST which tried to be a Robinson reality with a sci-fi plot. The ending of Heroes season one is way more understandable and the second season developed the main characters even further which I loved.

Because of the writers strike at Hollywood, season two – which was ultimately curtailed by the writers’ strike – premiered to series-high ratings, they quickly tailed off when it transpired that the show had become a show with endless conspiracy theories.

Also the Viewing figures for the award-winning NBC sci-fi show got a huge “magaplask” as we say in Norwegian. After the popularity of season one was a fact. Heroes fell from 17 million to 4.4 million in income. Thats a huge roller coaster change in income numbers. It is sad that Heroes couldn’t continue in a good way after Season one, but at least Heroes is a sci-fi series that is fully re-watchable. Season one is still one of the best sci-fi seasons that is made I think.

Watch the Season one of Heroes

After the quite okay season two. Then the season three continued the downward trend of the sci-fi series, with the finale a bit strange. Then they even went for a Season four, which I’m certain nobody on Earth has watched all the way through, was such an afterthought that its entire plot is summed up in 16 words on Wikipedia. A reboot of sorts reappeared in 2015, but it was cancelled after one season and it’s generally best to pretend it didn’t exist.

If you want to see Heroes again. I really recommend you to watch season one. The ending there is better than all of the seasons after. Also the rebirth of season one is very bad. I just wonder what happened to the good writers or did the owners of the show just wanted to milk the title in endless space?

Well. BBC Two in United Kingdom is now broadcasting it again, so thats really fun. I’ve also found out that its possible to see it at Amazon as they got it on their Prime Video service.

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