If you love heritage trams in real life. I recommend you to check out the old trams in Porto, which is located in Portugal. It is a beautiful city with a modern light rail system but they also have 3 heritage tramlines that give the town a special feeling.

But everyone can’t go to Porto. So for the fortune gamers that got the remarkable Cities Skylines game. I thought of writing this guide so you can transform your city into a heritage-themed one or make parts of your city more nostalgic. I love both trams in real life and in-game. So, I hope I can help some lost souls out there or send some interesting ideas.

I will try to make this guide as helpful for you. My aim is to make you give your town a heritage kick to it. Let your city get your charm and love for it.

Take your Town Back to Cobblestone Age in Cities Skylines

To be able to turn your parts of the city to heritage style you will need to get the Move It MOD. To make use of this collection, you MUST have the mods marked above 1, 2 and 3 as required installed and enabled. Also, the Network Tiling mod by Ronyx69 is required for the textures for Cobblestone Roads assets to look correct.

When all is enabled. Then place the cobblestone tram network anywhere you like, by using MoveIt to drag the Cobblestone Tram network asset over the road, and lower it under the tracks (with the cobblestone road extension or any other type of road).

You can also drag it under the tracks (if you are using Elite Surface Trams). So even though you have downloaded all of these assets. You need to have to Move IT mod for making it look better. But if you don’t want to have trams running in the streets there is no really need. But any Cities Skylines player should install Move It.

Get these Steam Workshop items for Cities Skylines

  1. Paris Heritage Tram Collection by Géze
  2. Cobblestone Road by Lost Gecko (The Network Tiling mod by Ronyx69 is required for the textures of this asset to appear properly. Without this mod, the texture would have been twice as big for getting the same result)
  3. Cobblestone Tram by Pewex (which also have made Modern Tram Decorative Foundation)

Once all of these items are Subscribed to on Steam Workshop. You must then activate them in the game.

After activating them, it is my advice to exit the game and then start it again. I also advise you to do this every time you activate or deactivate a mod or an asset for the game. Because if you load a game with activating a mod or asset without doing this step.

I have witnessed my cities getting destroyed totally. Also, other players of Cities Skylines recommends doing this. So I do recommend you to get Loading Mod so you can see the loading process. In many cases, Loading Mod fixes loading of saves if you have issues.

This is the items that you get

Get the Heritage trams from Géze
Then Cobblestone Road makes your city go back in time by Lost Gecko
Finally, Cobblestone Tram Roads takes your city to another age by Pewex

You can mix these items. You can use them as you want and that’s the beauty of Cities Skylines. Subscribe to these mods and assets and support them behind these assets if you like to use them. These contributors will be more motivated when they know that you love and use their extensions.

So, now I hope that Cities Skylines groups on Facebook will be filled with heritage styled towns or areas of the towns. For heritage cars to get for the game you need to search Steam Workshop for them. There are tons of heritage cars and vehicles on the Steam Workshop that you can find under vintage vehicles.

This cobblestone style can be used with cars from the 1920s, 1960s or even from the 1980s. Old trams, however, can run in any styled city.

Source: Steam Workshop