In other media and newspapers, you always find articles about Oslo as world’s most expensive city. What you might not know, is that Oslo got many places that won’t ruin you. Oslo might never be as cheap as you want it to be, but you don’t need to spend tons of money on food. Here is a small, but practical guide for you. Distrita saves your pocket!…

Oslo is expensive. We at Distrita don’t deny this fact. Eating fastfood on McDonalds, Burger King, MAX or Subway is expensive. Their menus have a price-range from 65,- NOK to 115,- NOK But they have cheap menus, which can keep you going for some time.

  • McDonalds: Cheeseburgers for 10,- NOK
  • Burger King: Cheeseburgers for 15,- NOK
  • MAX: Cheesburgers for 10,- NOK
  • Subway: Sub of the day for 35,- NOK

But if you want really lot’s of food for cheap money. You can really thank the immigrants in Norway. They have opened lot’s of cheap Kebab selling kiosks. They are all in different quality and price. Distrita can recommend Bislett Kebabhouse. They can be found in several locations in Oslo. You can find them at Bislett, Grünnerløkka, Carl Berners Plass and Linderud. Here you can get quite lots of food, as they have menus like chicken version of kebab with large cup of Coke for 45,- NOK.

  • Bislett Kebabhouse: Chicken Kebab menu with large cup of Coke for 45,- NOK