New Zealand is a nation of islands. Its waters contain many seafood and fish. However seafood have never been an important part of the diet of New Zealanders. Fish consumption has traditionally been low, because New Zealanders usually eat much meat. Only in recent years is that there is a change in preferences for seafood. However, shellfish and fish have always been a significant aspect of the diet of Maori and many of the names of these seafood are of Maori origin.
The lamb is one of the most popular traditional meals. Almost always is baked with potatoes and pumpkin. This is a tradition on Sundays, especially in winter.
Fish and chips (fish and chips) is a typical meal of New Zealand served wrapped in newspaper. Normally it is cheap and very good, especially when you do not want to cook. It can be purchased in many shops called Takeaways Fish and Chips Shops or existing in each city.