Take advantage of the weak Norwegian currency right now! You will save money! And get a great discovery! Welcome to Hemsedal in Norway! It’s one of Norway’s most popular skiresorts! And do you know there is just 2 weeks to go and the huge event “Hemsedal Up’n down” will begin?! This is Scandinavia’s coolest ski race. “Up’n down” happened on the 28th of February 2015.

Mountain Challenge at Hemsedal in Norway

And just one month later, on the 28th of March 2015, the Mountain Challenge will start! Mountain Challenge Hemsedal is an extraordinary experience on the top of Hemsedal, where you and me are invited to challenge each other, and also build a network of interesting people in safe circumstances! And the setting is great, the mountains of Hemsedal are so amazing and beautiful! Expect -20 degrees Celsius and sun, and you will not be disappointed! The Easter time is absolutely the greatest time of year visiting Hemsedal! They have groups from juniors to seniors, so everybody is welcome to join the Mountain Challenge!

Here we have chosen some selected Videos to show you what the ski resort Hemsedal can offer you

As you see, this is a great ski resort, and you will definitely come back over and over again! And the Norwegian currency is better for foreign tourists than for a really long time, so this is the year to visit Norway!

In Ralley to the Valley normal skiers and snowboarders fight against cross country stars, rally racers and other athletes in the world. The goal – first down the hill.
One rule: first man to cross the finish line wins!

So… there are so many exciting events in Hemsedal! Come and have fun, rent a cottage and stay in the nature 24 – 7!

Hemsedal is great for afterski! You can party all night long if you want!

Here you can see how a REAL after ski party is in Hemsedal! Something for everyone, no matter if you want to enjoy the beautiful white mountains, exercising to get fit for the summer, have fun in one of the many ski events, or just want to relax in the tracks and mostly party every night! Take care!