The city councils of Helsinki and Espoo agreed to get a light-rail line running between those cities by 2021. The line will have 33 stops and be 25km long. The line aims to replace the busline 550 and will run on segregated tracks from other traffic except for sections in Helsinki and Espoo.

Building starts Next year
The over 25km new light-rail line will be built next year and its expected to see everything completed by 2021. So this is a over 5 year project, but it will ease polution a lot. Also it is very smart to build light-rail instead of train line. No need to build expensive train or metro stations etc.

Costs of the Project
– The overall project has an estimated budget of €459m, with the city of Helsinki to contribute €278m, Espoo €97m and the national government €84m. The €275m cost of civils work and tracklaying would be met through a €124m contribution from Helsinki, €67m from Espoo and €84m from the national government.