Is Hawaii really part of the U.S.? A law professor in Honolulu has revived an old debate. Now growing demands for independence is getting stronger.

No treaty? Hawaii’s independence? U.S. state since 1959? And part of the U.S. since 1898? According to the history books it says so. But to Professor Williamson Chang in Honolulu it all says that the United States never formally took over the archipelago and the Americans thus is an occupying power in the popular holiday resort.

What is right and What is wrong?

He have Sent a letter to John Kerry
I’ve known about this for 17 years but have been afraid of the consequences if I announced it. Now in April I found out I had to do it. It started a snowball effect, he said. to Aftenposten newspaper

One of the first thing that happened was that Kamanaopono Crabbe, head of the federal Office of Hawaiian Affairs, wrote a letter to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to clarify whether Hawaii was really a part of the United States. Symbol effect that he wrote to Kerry and not to the Interior Ministry was tremendous. The controversies were not small, especially considering that Crabbe did not ask the other department members before he sent the provocative letter.

Kerry has not responded to the letter, but the Interior Ministry responded by convene public meetings around Hawaii to see if people here wanted to establish authorityto-authority relations between the native population and Washington, says Chang.

If the independence happens, this will be a very non-violent divorce for sure.

– Puaena Ahy (28) would like to have a non-violent revolt against the U.S. government so that Hawaii can once again become an independent nation. Aftenposten