As a first notice. This article is not about targeting and harming anyone at all. But I needed to get this out because of, which is a trusted IT news in Norway have for some reason come up with that the famous hashtag was born 10 years ago in this article on their site. But this is not true at all. Just look at our topic picture regarding this and you will understand.

hashtag info on

photosource: grab of the title – Hashtag info on that is not correct at all. as a respected IT magazine in Norway should remove this!

Since August 1988 Internet Relay Chat had Hashtag

When I started checking out the Internet Relay Chat or IRC as it is known. No, its not mIRC! (mIRC is a IRC client like X-Chat, AmIRC or HexChat even!) Then I started to use the # for entering IRC channels on the different networks that exists. At that time Facebook, Twitter and other social networks was just a distant dream for sure. Later the net became more modern and with that social networks came and it was fully introduced on Twitter 10 years ago. That might be true. But the hashtag itself on-line as a used character is much older.

All of the channels on IRC uses a # etc. So, if you want to join a IRC channel you just type “/join #whateverchannelyoulove” and you will enter the one you want to join. Twitter however uses the same # for topics in messages. For some its very normal, while for others its pretty frustrating too.

I was quite suprices that managed to pull this news item on-line. Another company that uses the # in their logo is the public transportation company in Oslo. They even call themself Ruter together with the # sign in front.

Massmedia is controlled more and more

It seems for me that the massmedia just pulls news out without thinking about what the news is about. There is simply no background checks and that is really scary for the independence of articles. Distrita is one of few that really pulls words from our contributors hearts. We cant control everything, but what we can do is to write such critical articles like this. In this way, Distrita commits beeing a site that is independent.


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