Commodore 64 Mini

The ‘world’s best-selling home computer’, the Commodore 64 is soon to be released in a Commodore 64 Mini version. The system will come with several games pre-loaded, and a standard joystick. But the fun doesn’t stop there, with it continuing support for full BASIC commands and allowing users to codeContinue Reading

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Mini-Computers give away by BBC

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BlackBerry Motion

BlackBerry, the company that dominated in business context in United States of America and in Asia has launched a new product with just touchscreen. This is not the first time as BlackBerry Z10 also got it. But this is the very first time that we see a BlackBerry phone withContinue Reading

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Grocery prices up 4.9 percent in Norway

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iPhone 8

The sound of today’s HDMI, USB, Bluetooth or other totally digitally solutions is the humans taste for music. It’s really bad for music made by older artists that you listen to. But whats even worse, new artists way of getting loved by people also is in real danger. All musicContinue Reading

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is not something that we automatically associate with a home computer from 1981, unless we talk about Nintendo’s catastrophic Virtual Boy and Escom’s VR arrangements from the nineties. But now, an American hobby developer has actually created a Commodore 64 game that supports VR headsets. The name ofContinue Reading

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MIDI 2.0 will be the biggest advance in music technology in decades

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Super Nintendo (Super Famicom in Japan (SNES)) by Nintendo is one of the most sold and loved consoles ever made. Released in 1990 in Japan and South Korea, this console made it very tough for AtariST and Amiga at the time in Europe for sure. It also competed massively towardsContinue Reading

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Two Micro Pacman Games Tested by Chris and Natsuki

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Ottawa Light Rail Project is funded by the Government

The Canadian Federal Government is funding light rail projects in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Kitchener-Waterloo and Toronto, but at $600-million, Ottawa Read more

Recently voted Copyright Law in the EU Parliament threatens YouTube

Something is going on in EU. A new copyright law could change the Internet as we know it forever. YouTube Read more

photosource / Simo Koivukoski

Get ready for a Amiga FPGA Vampire autumn. This is excellent Vampire FPGA power News! Simo Koivukoski has published fresh pictures of the Vampire accelerator board for Amiga 500 and Amiga 2000 on Google+ website. Also according to a shart review on coming from CommVES 2016 in Las Vegas,Continue Reading

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Atari ST Computer Support and Check out EstyJs Atari Emulator!

Atari ST was a 16-bit and a 32-bit home computer line made by Atari, that was very popular from 1985. Read more

Logitech k400 Wireless Touch Keyboard

Interested in relaxing life in front of your TV or computer and chat from the sofa? Then this keyboard from Logitech might be the perfect keyboard for you. This k400 version we have got for testing, is a Wireless keyboard with batteries, 1x USB dongle and 1x USB extender, whichContinue Reading

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Soen: Tools little brothers

I remember when I first heard Soens debut back in 2012, and they impressed me with well-constructed songs and a Read more

Paint.Net can save lots of struggle – Review

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