Happy Christmas to all Readers of Distrita

Many asks me about what Distrita is and what the goals are for the site. In this Christmas note I just want to point out that our goal is to provide you a totally independent news site where anyone can write whatever you want.

We wish you a Happy Christmas time either you are Christians, Muslims or Judes. We wish you all a peaceful time for giving someone that you love or like a present that means something to you. Christmas time is for everyone and every country have different traditions which have nothing to do with religion. For example here in Norway we open our presents on 24th in the evening, while in Britain kids usually opens them in the morning on 25th of December. Some people goes to the churches on 24th of December, while others not like me. Just use the time with your family or friends.

Let the peace around the world be peaceful today. Maybe we can hug each other more? Maybe we can make sure that our children can live in a peaceful world someday? Maybe parents which tries to teach their children actually learn from what they say to their children and prevent violence?

Anyway. Distrita as worlds independent on-line magazine wishes you all a happy and peaceful Christmas.

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