Many newspapers and sites on the world wide web, writes about how expensive Oslo is. But is it? Distrita is looking through areas, where others comment about Norway and especially Oslo to be something its not.

affordable cheap hair cut guide Oslo
A hair cut doesn’t need to be expensive in Oslo

Finding the Cheaper Haircuts saloons in Oslo

If you arrive in Oslo, you will find the Norwegian haircuts places faster, because they are located in the bigger shopping malls. However, if you goto to the district called Grønland or Tøyen. The prices are quite different than in the Norwegian ones. So, instead of paying maybe 500-600, they will do it for 200-300 instead. Finding one isn’t difficult as once your outside of Grønland Metro station, you just see haircutters everywhere.

Just look at this map where you find affordable haircuts

[osm_map_v3 map_center=”59.913,10.764″ zoom=”17″ width=”100%” height=”450″ ]

Not all of the hair cut shops show up on this map, but around those two marked on this map, there is even more around them. Just by walking up and down Tøyengata, you find 5 hair cuts in that street alone. McDonald’s in the area is gone and is now replaced by a very nice Turkish restaurant.

A brighter smile for a more affordable visit to Oslo with this guide

Waiting times at the cheapest ones

There are a few drops Norwegian haircutters, but the waiting time can extend to maybe 20-30 minutes on those. The Foreigner ones keep you waiting for tops 5-10 minutes and they even make it more interesting by having great music in backgrounds.

So now if you are planning to go to Norway and forgot to do a haircut. Distrita advises you to visit one of the many haircutters at Grønland in Oslo. There are also foreigners in other Norwegian cities and parts of Oslo that does haircutting for even cheaper prices than in Grønland, but this article focuses on the traveler going to Oslo on business or just inspiration or visit as a tourist.

It can be affordable to do haircuts in Oslo. You just need to know where to go. Simple!

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