After so many school shootings in America. There is now a trend moving on in USA. People watch school shooting again and again on TV, Internet and in Newspapers. The coverage is doing impact on the gun control debate in the country. So, now after the last school shooting in Texas. People is now questioning these questions; What is gun control? Why do we need gun control? How many school shootings happened in 2018? Why is gun control bad? and Why is gun control important?

Gun Control Interest in USA

This Gun control debate is reaching new Heights right Now in USA

Gun control debate in USA is a heated debate and cities across America is now taking action because of that. Many cities in America have taken action now to search to find out what is going on and to ask questions around gun control. These questions have been asked before, but now the cities across America is doing a huge research regarding this topic as many people in America (including president of America) is now turning negative regarding the liberal gun laws in United States of America.

In Europe, many countries including Norway where Distrita is located, got very strict gun control. So, over here we don’t experience as many gun shootings at the schools as in USA at all. We have rather more bullying issues over here.

So! The real Question is really about if United States of America will be able to launch a much more strict gun laws?  The problem with that is that there are too many rich people with powers in USA that doesn’t really care. So, to be able to get stricter laws. People in USA need to tell what they think is right. President Trump in USA have openly stated in a speech that something must be done. So, the hope is there that the school shootings in USA can stop one day. Because, without one. Future will have more school shootings in USA.

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Cities of USA will decide now regarding more strict gun laws

In the upcoming days, the cities of USA will be deciding if they agree or not regarding stricter gun laws. Only then we will see how the future for USA school shootings will go. Interesting times ahead and it’s time to think correctly.


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