Underground station in Den Haag

In our Netherland series, Distrita gives you a small price guide over what 1 hour ticket, 1 day ticket and 1 week ticket. The information on Netherland public transportation sites is very unclear and messy. So, here is our price guide for Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Den Haag. We haven’t taken train prices into this article as we concentrate only on Public Transportation:

TICKETS INFO:AmsterdamRotterdamDen Haag
1 Trip (1 hour) Adult€ 2.80 € 3.00 € 3.00
1 Day Adult€ 7.50€ 7.10€ 6.50
7 Days Adult€ 32.00​€ 42.00​*€ 40.00​*
FOR:Metro, Tram and BusTram and BusTram and Bus
*3 Days Tickets x2!6 Days

There are some nice tips to know which Distrita learned from our trip. Try to stay to one company if possible. These transportation companies are not compatible at all. Its frustration from a person coming from Oslo, where one ticket is for trains, metro, trams, buses and boats.

Metro in Amsterdam

Some useful Netherlands transit Tips!:

– If you take the train from Amsterdam to Den Haag. Be careful in Amsterdam or you can end up on a slow train that takes you to Rotterdam instead. The info personal at Amsterdam Centraal Station tells you misleading info! Be aware!

– If you plan to go from Rotterdam to Den Haag and don’t want to pay extra for the train. People should know that you can take the Metro Line E to Den Haag directly. You don’t need to take the train which would cost you extra!

– HTM tickets bought in Den Haag also works if you choose to take the RandstadRail train-trams to Zoertemeer, which is just outside of Den Haag. But be aware! They are not compatible with RET Metro Line E.

Central Station in Den Haag

– The trains between Dutch cities got free wireless internet connection. No need to use mobile network for surfing the web here. Great!