Many don’t know about the Metro on Mallorca as it is quite hidden from most of the tourist guides. It is a 9 station Metro line that connects the center of Palma (the biggest city on Mallorca which is part of Spain). 8 of the stations are underground so thisContinue Reading

You need a FM radio with AM possibility. Most of the FM radios does have. So switch it for be able to search for AM radio channels. Radio208 is broadcasting from Copenhagen, Denmark 24 hours on 1440 kHz AM !  We love that the Danish capital is taking this radioContinue Reading

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Smartphone

We spend a lot of money in buying a smartphone. Therefore, after performing an apparent work, instead of crying on the above mentioned milk, consider the following mentioned factors to make the right decision. Built up Depends on the look and durability of the phone. Most smartphones are built withContinue Reading

Understand Everything about the Green Spicy Sushi part in this Wasabi Guide

You might not know, but the info background about how Wasabi (which is known, because it is a spicy addon to every Sushi box meals) is made worldwide is very weak. Many simply doesn’t know about it. Neither did I. So, to see how this special vegetable grows is reallyContinue Reading