We found some new cute Gudetama toys, Gudetama accessories and Gudetama slime! Gudetama wishes everybody Happy New Year 2018! From all of us to all of you! This week is a bit slow, and we haven’t found any new Super Popular Youtube videos, so we are going to cover even some new Youtubers that talk about Gudetama with some success! Congratulations!

YouTube LIVE With The Froggy’s take a look at Gudetama Blind Boxes – 26000 views!

Gudetama World’s lazy egg – also in Russia
Russian show looks at Gudetama Big Surprise Egg and lots of small cool Gudetama surprises (Russian language) – 50.000 Views! You may have a look although its in Russian…


Gudetama wishes everybody Happy New Year 2018!

Gudetama wishes everybody Happy New Year 2018!

Check out this cool Gudetama video! Make some cool Gudetama pancakes with sugar! Prepare small plates. Have a look of how a real Gudetama breakfast could look like!

Gudetama Breakfast, breakfast restaurants

Gudetama Breakfast

Ready for one of the Gudetama Breakfast restaurants?

Meet Gudetama! Gudetama likes snow, according to this youtuber!

It’s Christmas at Gudetama Cafe Singapore and lots of Christmas decordations.

Johny Johny Yes Papa Song & DIY Gudetama Egg Clear Learn Colors Slime & Japanese Eggs Toys Slime! It’s a childish song! But if you love the slime, you will probably love this too!

Other cool Gudetama articles in the media

We found another article where Curry House is mentioned.  Los Angeles Times writes that Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters continue to pop up alongside food in O.C.  From the Hello Kitty Cafe Pop-Up Container at the Irvine Spectrum and the recently launched Gudetama-themed dishes at Japanese restaurant Curry House to Hello Kitty wines available at your local specialty retailer, Sanrio characters are infusing themselves more and more into our everyday eating experiences.  It’s funny that we already have covered this in this article: Gudetama Multi-Course Meals on Curry House

Karaoke bars for Gudetama fans?

Did you know about this cool Sanrio karaoke bar?

Brand new Sanrio-themed karaoke bar starring Gudetama and friends
Hello Kitty and her friends Gudetama (the adorable and relatable lazy egg) and Aggretsuko (the red panda who loves to let off office steam through aggro singing sessions) will be featured in the themed karaoke rooms while you belt your heart out! Visit San Gabriel Valley in California and you will find your friends! You can book a room for 25 people and you can order a cute food menu full of Sanrio surprises, including delicious Sanrio themed desserts. In addition to the Gudetama room that we would book, you can also choose the Hello Kitty Starry Room, The Aggretsuko Room and the Hello Kitty Classic room.

Check out our Gudetama Inspiration House for cool Gudetama Blanket, Gudetama Backpack, Gudetama Vomit Toy and much more.

Again, happy new year to all of you!