Rockstar have delivered yet another Grand Theft Auto game for people with Playstation 4 and XBOX ONE (soon for PC also). It is not a totally new game, but a updated game (a patch) of the Playstation 3 and XBOX 360 game, which came out last year. It adds higher resolution gaming at 30FPS (the PC version will have 60FPS). This means more gras and a bit reacher detail of cars and all surroundings which is great.

actual_gta5The Bad Issues and more!
The not so good news from this version, is that the game have changed so much that the title should have changed. The game name should have changed, to keep the GTA5 game on Playstation 3 and XBOX 360 alive. This GTA5 version is like a whole new game as it have implemented FPS (yes, even if it is a choice!) features so the game looks more like Quake, Call of Duty or even Battlefield. I just wonder how the Mario 64 fans would react if their beloved platformer became a FPS platformer instead? It would be lots of criticism and angry players. People love to see Mario, because they love Mario. Same for GTA5. The gamers loves to see Trevor, Michael and Franklin third-person personalities when they run, walk, jump or even shoot.

The single-player mode lets players of GTA5 take control of three characters: Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips and Franklin Clinton. All are criminals and have their stories. So now when Rockstar have added FPS to them, it becomes a game that I rather want to play with mouse and keyboard, because its not a typical console game anymore. Rockstar have sort of made it all a new experience which isn’t compatible with Playstation 4 or XBOX ONE. Distrita will have a final review of this game though, when GTA5 “FPS-edition” enters the PC-Windows world.

actual_gta5xAnother issue with this update is that Rockstar have also managed to implement a Last Ninja (Playstation 3 game) feature to the game, where it lets you be some animals. This is great, but yet again. It conflicts with the whole superb Grand Theft Auto gameplay and style. Why not just call this game for GTA5 FPS Edition? At least that would make it clear what sort of game this have become. Instead me and others which loves the Playstation 3 version, is getting spammed to buy Playstation 4 or XBOX ONE. This is really bad.

Other than these issues, the update is a really nice one. The additions makes it more real life alike and Rockstar should have credits for that. But this FPS thing makes it a totally different game. I will still be loyal to my Playstation 3 and have a fun blast with GTA5 as it always should be.

The Distrita Score: 4/10

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