Grow worldwide sales of tablets

With growth driven by the demand for smaller screen devices, tablets have not shown signs of slowing down, on this occasion, the first quarter of the year were distributed49.2 million units, which represents an increase of the142.4 percentcompared to the same period in 2012.

According to preliminary data from the IDCanalysis firm, Apple is still number one in terms of the market concerns since it has a 39.6 per cent of the total, which represents sales by 19.5 million devices, surpassing the 11.8 billion last year.

“To move the release of the iPad for the fourth quarter of 2012, Apple appears to have avoided recession in sales that typically suffer in the first quarter when consumers avoided buying in January and February while waiting for new product launches in March,” said Tom Mainelli, responsible for the tablets in IDC market research.


Who receives a special mention in this study is Samsung because tablets reached the 17.9 by % of the market this 2013, (8.8 million units), however, the number is an increase of 282.6 percent compared with the first quarter of last year (2.3 million units in 2012).

According to analysts, Samsung has used its recent growth in their smart phones with Android as the basis to help other product lines, such as tablets, to enter new markets and channels.

Who even has a lagging if discussed with other competitors is Microsoft , which is in fifth place, back from Asus and the Amazon Kindle which represent 5.5 percent (2.7 million units) and 3.7 per cent (1.8 million) of the market respectively.

The company of Bill Gates distributed 900 thousand units, i.e. 1.8 per cent of the market, which is explained because its tablets Surface RT and Pro still are not distributed in certain regions, which are expected to do to raise its position in the ranking.

Finally, in terms of operating systems, Android is still number one with 56.5 percent of the total, followed by iOS with 39.6 and here is where Windows takes rather share third place with 3.3 percnt.


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