Here upnorth in the world, Nordic countries might not have the biggest population numbers. But we do have people that knows what they want. They simply know what to have or not and thats something that the Giants in the world struggles with. In USA, Australia, Germany, Spain, France or even Japan the population is so high that giving it a go is not an issue it seems. Here we look at companies that have tried to settle down, but had to close down because of too tough markets or negativity from media and people.

Lidl came and closed their doors in Norway

In our article regarding Lidl came Norway in 2004, lost in 2008 we wrote about how Lidl struggle to get “some” bite in the Norwegian market. They had really harsh times, especially with the media commenting how Lidl workers were treated and how the managers of the company had their eyes on their employees.

Now in 2016 there are groups on Facebook that wants Lidl to comeback, but since Rema 1000 got all the rights back in 2008. Then its uncertain if it will be possible in the near future even.

Giants vs Vikings: 0 – 1

Pizza Hut lost over 30 Million NOK

Once in the Norwegian history of giants that wanted to win over the Norwegian vikings. Pizza Hut came to Norway in 1994, but had to close in 1998 because of a huge loss of 30 Million NOK. All of the connections with the holder of the Norwegian rights to Pizza Hut in Norway were cut. The restaurants were part of one of worlds largest pizza restaurant companies, but Norwegians simply went to Peppes Pizza (local pizza restaurant chain) instead! There are some left though, but you can only find it at Oslo Airport in Gardermoen area.

Pizza Hut in Norway had to give up the fight, because of Norwegians way of loving their own companies (same as with the Lidl and their try to win Norwegians hearts).

In 1998, Oivind Hoem took over the rights of the three remaining Pizza Hut restaurants in Oslo. But they had to close the very same year. Two of them were in Karl Johans gate. One were very close to Oslo S, while the other one just near Stortinget and Paleet. I loved their pizzas, but they didnt manage to survive. Now Dominos Pizza is trying their best luck to stay in Norway.

Giants vs Vikings: 0 – 2

McDonalds got thrown out of Iceland

On October 31st 2009, the last McDonalds closed down on Iceland. Reason for the closure was that the government introduced a law that prevented McDonalds to import food from other countries. Also the collapse of the Icelandic krona was another reason for McDonalds dropping out. Instead, a new chain named Metro opened fast food restaurants at those McDonalds had before with food produced in Iceland.

A person on Iceland (Hjörtur Smarason) went to McDonalds on 30th of October and bought a burger like most of others. But his intention was not to eat, but to keep it. It was put in the original emballage on a garage shelf. Three years later he opened it again to find it looking exactly the same as it was when he left it. The burger was moved to the national museum for a year and then found its way to a display at Bus Hostel Reykjavik.

You can see one of the most boring video streams here of the very same burger!

Giants vs Vikings: 0 – 3

Ikea LogoConclusion to the Restaurant and Grocery Store wars in Norway

This is just our first article in the series of Giants vs Vikings in the north. These series is made to tell that not all giants can win over vikings. You also had IKEA in Norway, that was affraid that Norwegians would disslike them and made their very first logo in Norwegians in RED color. They changed it after a while, to the yellow International one but they feared the Norwegian vikings a lot. But maybe because IKEA are originaly from another viking land, IKEA survived somehow and is today one of Norways most popular furniture and house stuff mall. Sometimes it feels like everyone is at IKEA here.

Other struggle that we will be mentioning in the next article, is about M and M&Ms battle in Sweden that M&Ms just lost. Also Groupon, which is a deals shopping system (competed with Lets Deal) have lost the battle over here. What will be the next? Distritas Giants vs Vikings series will continue.