While all of the borders to Norway got closed. The much higher grocery store shopping internally in Norway should have reduced the grocery prices. But instead, all of the food grocery prices in Norway actually increased by 4.9 percent. With almost no one in Norway going to Sweden anymore forContinue Reading

Iceland opened at two locations in Oslo Norway

When it comes to grocery shopping, Norwegians are perhaps not the most adventurous people. We already know what happened to Lidl, but Iceland seems to have a way different strategy which makes them entering the Norwegian market in a different way. Instead of trying to build their own stores, IcelandContinue Reading

Second Amazon GO store

Back in 2018, we had several articles about the new Amazon GO grocery shopping project. A grocery concept that is spreading in the USA. A concept where there is no cashier to greet you with great service. Here everything is done through a Amazon GO app that you need toContinue Reading

Reitan Convenience Norway, which includes kiosk chains such as Narvesen and 7-Eleven kiosks in Norway is now reporting from DN that they will reduce operating costs by 30 percent in the coming years. 30 employees are now cut at the service office in Oslo, this business magazine from Norway writes.Continue Reading

Scrambled Eggs in a bag at Iceland

Finally we do have Iceland food chain in Norway. We hope to see this frozen Scrambled Eggs product in Norway, because this is a product that is really missing. Not because its so lazy to just buy scrambled egg in a bag. But because its handy for all sorts ofContinue Reading