Alita Battle Angel is one of the most iconic movies ever made. It might not be the diva of films, but it certainly has moved the entire world. From a quite humble start until more than $400.000.000 this movie needed time to get loved,… and what a love people have given it. Mostly movies with no title at the start of them never get any attention. I went to the cinema in Oslo, Norway watching Alita for the first time after I decided to ignore all of the comments about Alita’s big eyes. After my very first watch, I continued walking to the cinema 6 times seeing it. Alita made a huge impact on me and now I want to share with you why I think Alita became Everyone’s angel.


Alita push feelings like no other movie out there

While movies such as Aliens, Wonder Woman, The Green Mile, The Abyss or even Iron Man moves you. Alita makes sure that she is the center of the movie. That she is the superhero. You can sort of feel that she is the iconic version of what we as the kids of the ’80s saw in cartoon characters such as He-Man.

Great Reasons Why Alita Became Everyone's Angel

Either Alita is a teenager, a warrior or even a violation lady. She keeps you hooked. She demands your attention with her look, her body, and her abilities. She is a cyborg. One of the most advanced one and so her powers and her human brain works together as almost everyone in this world wants our minds to think. When she stands up against her enemy. She makes sure that the viewer remembers who she is.

Alita grows up with a step-father and falls in love. She unites herself with the new environment where she now lives in Iron City and that is something which many in the Alita community loves about her. She is such a superhero that got the look and the mentality that we all missed in all of the previously made superhero movies. She also moves us to be more responsible in everything we do. She saves a dog, she understands what type of city this is and she knows who her enemy is in the end. She uses this for making sure for everyone that she is there to stay and that the enemy of her is soon going to go down.

Gives all kinds of people the ability to thinking Forward for something Better

The will to ask, to understand, to love and to destroy makes what Alita is. She is a cyborg and she turns the future for the better in the filmmaker’s universe. She gets pissed on the ruler that sits above in his comfy chair at the floating city above Iron City. With so many unfair things happening in this world with politicians, social media and even tech companies spying on everyone. Alita gave us all a kick into understanding what observations and controlling peoples minds can lead to.

Alita became the battle angel during the film. But it also made me more aware of All of the people that help others over the street, keeping order in the neighborhoods or even push themselves equal so that others around people are getting equal rights and sayings in this world got something to say. I think that this is especially interesting for people in Asia where Alita Battle Angel got the biggest popularity.

Great Reasons Why Alita Became Everyone's Angel

Alita moved and still does on social media groups. People post pictures of her and the movie all the time. She is the one. She is the beauty that these filmmakers never thought would be popular but is getting more and more popular. She brings people from all over the world together. People are kind to each other when they discuss content in the Alita movie. Alita shows that we as humans are way more equal than we might think. That we as the underclass of people try to tell those that have money or have the power/control in what they say or do is not improving anything. But the fact that what we as humans want things to happen,… it will happen if we are strong enough.

We can stretch the similarities to the protests in Hong Kong streets. In the world of Alita, they have her as a cyborg that can and will protect Iron City. In Hong Kong, the people in the town went into the streets protesting together as in Alita (at the end of the movie). People that move the world is not the ones that sit with power. It is the people.


Source: Distrita Own Experience