Today e are proud to present our,favorite dessert, the Granola fruit cocktail. Fruits provide us with water, vitamins, minerals, fiber and different beneficial compounds for the organism.
Because of their antioxidants, they prevent the premature aging of the cells, giving you cleaner, younger, smoother, healthier skin and a better quality of life.
Consumed daily, fruits help us prevent different diseases such as cardiovascular problems, digestive disorders, some cancers and neurodegenerative diseases, as well as collaborate in the fight against overweight and obesity.
They are sweet, tasty, have few calories and practically no saturated fats (those most harmful to the body), so they are a good treat when you enter your most greedy vein.
Fruits produce a sense of satiety by containing fiber, so you will avoid snacking all day. In addition, its fiber helps us regulate intestinal transit and prevent constipation.

Ingredients Granola fruit cocktail

3 pieces kiwi peeled and sliced
1 piece of medium watermelon, peeled and cut into medium pieces
1 piece of medium melon, peeled and cut into medium pieces
250 grams of blueberry washed and disinfected
1 piece pineapple sliced and chopped
250 grams of strawberry washed, disinfected, stemless and cut lengthwise in half
5 tablespoons maple syrup

Chop all fruit as indicated above and stir gently into a large bowl.
Pour the honey over the fruit and granola