I don’t know about you, but there is always something special about becoming old. There are grandpas building amazing train modelling landscapes in their gardens or in the basements. But this grandpa in Texas, USA made something quite special for his granddaughter. Read On…

Grandpa builds a theme park for his granddaughter

There is something with American people with building theme parks in their gardens and this grandpa is really no exception. He lives in Texas, USA and wanted to use his knowledge of building stuff with steel to make a theme park for his granddaughter. So, for now the garden got a Paris wheel and a simple roller coaster! What an amazing grandpa for sure!

Just think of it! You become a bit older, and you out of sudden start to understand that your grandpa made these amazingly ride attractions with lots of activities for you? That would be awesome. My grandparents are awesome, but they just live their lifes and in the end its sort of over! Those grandparents that gives themself activities are those living longer. They also get their minds going, which is good for the body and its health. So, if your grandparents have some unique hobbies. Then its a very good sign of a good and healthy person that will live with you for a long time for sure.

Grandpa in a quite interesting interview on CBS Evening News


Activity in all forms is important! Fantastic grandpa for sure! What if more grandpas built theme parks for their grandchildren! That would be really great!

CBS Evening News